Blockchain Consulting


Based on de-centralization, cost reduction, reliability and security,
We will focus on the blockchain content market and strive to become the leader in the fourth industrial era.

Project Consulting

Authentication transaction verification

Protection of data forgery through distributed archiving, notarization and notification of all participants' transactions through consensus algorithms, and storing data distribution among participating nodes to validate/verify information.

Robust Security Technology Application

Security technologies such as hash, electronic signature, encryption enhance security of contract information, register information with encrypted data and encrypted key values, and distribute participating nodes to prevent hacking

Increased convenience of work

Login authentication security ensures that transactions are secured, denial is prevented through encryption of relevant information, and contracts are signed and trusted without verification by third party public certification authority.

Partial Blockchain Consulting

We conduct various blockchain consulting.

  • [Brand Consulting]

    We offer brand-optimized content through project consulting, and create an on/offline strategy for the brand characteristics.

  • [Planning Business Strategies]

    We will work with VC, exchange, project team, and accelerator in various blockchain fields to plan the best business strategy.

  • [Marketing]

    In addition to the project itself ICO, we work with the exchange to specify IEO or exchange listing events to conduct systematic marketing.

Blockchain Consulting &
Brand Design

Based on the user experience, we provide business consulting and brand design, and support the development of the mainnet for global exchange listing and Dapp development.

In addition, we present blockchain business consulting, project brand proposals.


Coinscube's Business


▶ Media Broadcast Media Interview Connectivity, Promotional Imaging and YouTube Upload Support

▶ NEWS Korean press reports support monthly article production and distribution of advertising flyers.

▶ Visual blog, community, cafe, SNS marketing

▶ Bus, Subway, Taxi Bus, Subway, Concourse, Taxi Advertising Consulting

▶ Display Board product VIDEO product and SUPPORT Technology product


▶ Community Translates Multi-year Blockchain Experience Expert Know-how

▶ Messenger channel tellegeuraem, supporting secure communication channels with a sns

▶ Social Network Support Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

▶ Partnering with the Partnership Blockchain Company

▶ Partnership Collaboration Engage

▶ Support for the Partnership Exchange and networking


▶ Planning and supporting Meetup Blockchain related seminars and large global events

▶ Forum Planning for Global Large Press Companies

▶ Lecture Blockchain, Encryption Lock Lecture

▶ Translation Simultaneous Interpreters, Interview Interpreters

▶ Security guard VIP security, protocol


Blockchain Consulting

Coinscube consists of professional teams and provides customized consulting to users.

Coinscube conducts customized consulting to suit your business environment. Even if you're not familiar with the blockchain market, I think a bright future will come with professional consulting from Coinscube.





Coinscube with years of experience

Coinscubes acquired years of development and coin development advisor to acquire know-how and skills. With Coinscubes, I can help you with various sites, consulting, and marketing in addition to one task.
We also support and produce many essential parts. Unlike other developers who have to produce one by one, we're connected to a variety of different fields of advisor, so it's easy to connect and do it all at a time.


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